What not to do in a pitch
I have a very successful friend who once went into a technology pitch with Thomas Cook. He did all his whizz-bangery on the laptop and showed the board of directors a bright new future for the holiday company. But when the CEO finally spoke, the two words he uttered were a verbal hit man to the meeting… “We’re Thompson”.

While my friend can now crack a (thin) smile about that epic professional clanger, it’s a good reminder to the rest of us to carefully research new customers. At Wire we absolutely love this bit as it gives us a chance to brain blitz new ideas. It’s also not something most potential new clients realise we do. Yet before we’ve even had the first meeting, we’ve put our creative heads together to come up with the outline of a press and editorial game plan. It means that our first meeting feels like the second, and we’re not wasting anyone’s time.

The South West is teeming with amazing businesses that deserve press coverage and we often feel like kids in a sweet shop wondering who to help next. 2016 already has the look of a brilliant year, with PR plans for bags, boutique bolt holes and baked goods all taking shape. But we’re here if you need us; we won’t be taking a holiday – Thompson, Thomas Cook or otherwise – anytime soon.

Caroline Goulden
Written by Caroline Goulden