The Wire office has had a busy old time of it this week and for some reason we decided to add to the madness by having a team photo shoot. It was actually really good fun… but there’s a whole other blog coming your way once the pics are in and we can share the visual love with you, fair reader. (That said, I can guarantee the shot of us jumping cack-handed off an old farm trailer will never see the light of day).

One small piece of industry genius I would like to share is the truly brilliant phrase ‘Scope Creep.’ How, after more than a decade in the Sky press office, I hadn’t heard this gem before is a mysterious mystery as it so aptly nails that sigh-some situation when a colleague or client continually adds bits on to the original spec of a job with no thought to the impact it will have on your time. It’s like a W1A gag waiting to happen. Who knew it had a name! I’m thinking of starting a new trend with the term ‘Surf Creep’ (hmmm, is it possible that it already exists and not in a good way?) as I’ve become somewhat obsessed with a couple of gorgeous websites lately. Setting aside concerns that I’m labelling myself some kind of Internet weirdo, I’ve spent many minutes surfing and In Fokelore’s case, because Amy recently fuelled my time wasting habit (see last week’s blog) with a wonderful birthday milk jug from these Islington-by-way-of-France homeware makers, and latterly because ‘stuff shops’ don’t get any more gorgeous than this, and if there’s one brilliant example of how much good photography can do for your brand, it’s this wonderful, hanker-inducing shop. Right, off to buy a hand appliquéd natural linen egg cosy.

Caroline Goulden
Written by Caroline Goulden