As if life is not busy enough, I have been pondering the abundance of elderflowers in my hedge. Having recently watched Hugh Fearnley – Whittingstall in full seasonal swing, these flowers are screaming ‘make me into elderflower cordial’. This appeared easy when sitting in the comfort of my armchair. The window for elder flowering is short, about four days in early June, so now is the time and the time is now. I eagerly grab some kind of basket type creation to look the part and stomp off feeling virtuous. Within a short few stomps I realise I need my wellies, as enormous nettles apparently love the same area that elder ‘s love, as do thistles. So gloved up, wellies on I attack the trees for their pretty intoxicating flowers and try very hard not to topple myself into a stream or nettle bed.

Stage one flower picking achieved, peering into my flowers I can see a rather enormous amount of life, clearly this elderflower head is more than an ingredient it is a habitat. I will not let this dampen my enthusiasm and I merrily shake a million little bugs into a bowl and throw them out the window. I am now ready to brew my elderflower, patiently leaving them for 48 hours to steep. With strict instructions to my dear family not to stick fingers, Lego or Barbie legs into the sacred bowls of elixir. Finally I am ready to decant through muslin. Bottled and complete the cordial is a delight and completely worth the sweat and stings. I will add Elderflower cordial maker to my list of achievement and me and my wellies will be ready and waiting for next years flowering. So now ensuring a brew is in hand and with time on your side check out these gorgeous food blogs for cooking inspiration and yummy escapism and

Amy Greenman
Written by Amy Greenman