I decanted my breakfast cereals into jars this morning. And last week I bought a milk jug.

These are dark times, my friends, dark times. The problem is I suspect I am adding unnecessary steps to what should be straightforward processes. They look smart, but ultimately I’m wasting time. Take light up, battery-powered pepper grinders as an example – an astonishingly pointless, break-any-minute, time burner. Who grinds pepper in the dark?

And yet we’ve all been tempted…

Two nifty little PR time-savers that I do give stock to are coveragebook.com and canva.com producing coverage reports and info-graphics (respectively) in rapid time. I’m loving the efficiency and money-saving possibilities of these two puppies and will be having a meeting about a meeting to explain their potential to Jess and Amy posthaste.

One of the best time savers ever invented for PRs is Google Alerts which, for the uninitiated, allows you to track online mentions of your client/product/business/dark secret for free, at just the click of a few buttons. No more one-at-a-time searches! And completely brilliant for small businesses. Go on artisan entrepreneurs of Devon – cast aside the search for AA batteries for the pepper mill and use your time to discover who’s talking about you.

Caroline Goulden
Written by Caroline Goulden