We’re always telling our clients about the importance of professional photos in promoting your business. So it was time to practise what we preach…

10am, a sunny early summer day and I’m feeling 14 again. The horrors of the school photo day are flooding back in glorious technicolour. Despite working in the media for ten years, I don’t think I ever expected to have to get in front of the camera again (there was a reason I was either the Producer, or presenting on radio, after all).

Anyway, fast-forward three hours of laughter, self-consciousness, and massive mutual flattery and we were done. We felt a bit like we’d created a girl-band but…there we were.

Amy, Caroline and Jess, directors of Wire Creative.


Wire Creative_Helen Lisk Photography -5-1

So it got us thinking that we should share our secrets to getting great images for your business at a professional shoot. After all, though we hate to admit it, appearance is everything and winning on the image front is half the battle. If you’re at the daunting stage of forking out for some real-deal pictures, here are a few things to bear in mind.

  1. Choose your photographer wisely
    There’s nothing worse than feeling horribly shy in front of the lens but it’s inevitable at first. But a great photographer will help you overcome that – so choose someone you feel comfortable with. We chose Helen Lisk – an amazing lifestyle and portrait photographer whose style we coveted. Her brilliant creative skills show in the results, but on the day, it was her ego-boosting compliments and complete enthusiasm that won us over. She made it easy – and that’s what you’re aiming for when you choose your photographer.
  2. Location, location, location
    Yes, another cliché, but it’s true: be a little creative if your business allows it. You don’t have to shoot pictures in the office or shop – you could take your team or your products out to somewhere that epitomises your brand. We chose a beautiful old barn at Windout Farm. They are friends, clients, close neighbours and it represented who and where we are – but most importantly again, we felt comfortable there.
  3. Mood board it
    Before the photoshoot, we got together to choose photos we liked and sent a few to Helen to give her an idea of what we were hoping to achieve. We didn’t have much time – but you could be a lot more organised and Pinterest it. It’s great for the photographer to have some idea of your expectation and helps you get the result you really want.
  4. It’s all about the list
    Boring but essential – just like planning your wedding photographer – make a list of the shots you know you need. Have a think about where you’ll need photos (website, office walls, marketing material, posters, merchandise) – and about where you might want pictures in the future. Make the most of your session and try to get the lot.
  5. Shake it off
    It’s not often I quote Taylor Swift (make that: never) but in this case, she has a point. We all felt exam nerves preparing for this shoot but when the time comes, and the photographer tells you it all looks amazing – actually, you’ve got to believe it. Shake it off, look like you know what you’re doing and soak up that spotlight.

This is your moment.

Jess Dunbar
Written by Jess Dunbar